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Winograd’s lamentation

Whether Israel carries out investigations about its failures in the war it waged against Lebanon in July 2006 or not, that is not the point. Whether Winograd’s Report is published in part or in full, that is not the issue. Whether Olmert resigns and Netanyahu or Barak becomes prime minister, all will be the same. […]

Gaza Calling

This video was created by Haitham Sabbah. It is intended to raise awareness of the catastrophic conditions that the Palestinians in Gaza are enduring, and to subsequently help end its siege by Israel. Haitham is calling on all to copy the video’s code and help spread the word. Music track by: Checkpoint 303

The Israel we have to put up with

Transcript of the above video: Facts about IsraelIsrael, a country the size of new jersey can only claim to the following achievements: 1. Israel was established upon the ruins of another nation that she destroyed: Palestine.2. Israel holds the world record in the number of towns and villages she ethnically cleansed: 500+3. Israel holds the […]

Occupation 101

Ninety years after Lord Balfour worked with Chaim Weizmann, the head of the world’s Zionist organization on the Declaration. Ninety years after Lord Balfour wrote a simple letter to lord Rotschild promising Jews a homeland in Palestine. Ninety years after Balfour’s Declaration: suffering, misery, frustration and the occupation continue. Occupation-101 is: A thought-provoking and powerful […]

Playboy magazine slammed for criticizing Israel

The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) has condemned the Playboy magazine for publishing an article criticizing Israel. For CAMERA any opinion that is not totally biased in favor of Israel is distorted. For them, the editors who publish these opinions don’t know a zit’s ass about the conflict in the […]

Thus Spake Bush or was it God?

Did you ever, even for a split second, harbor the sinful thought, that God had nothing to do with whatever is going on in your life? Especially you who are residents of the Middle East and of the United States? Well as much as I hate to, I will have to repeat what we all […]

To Save the Falcons

In testimony before the Sept. 11 Commission, the former White House counterterrorism analyst, Richard Clarke, said that in the 1990s the United States had planned to bomb a falconry camp in Pakistan when Osama bin Laden was present. The raid, Clarke said, was scrubbed because a minister from the United Arab Emirates was a member […]