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orange flags

“I want one orange flag with the check mark, look,they’re everywhere,how come everyone has one and I don’t?can I get one yellow one too, please” That was my eight year old son, somewhere on the road, in Beirut, in one of those traffics… Advertisements

bell curve

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” – George Carlin now think lebanese now think fourteeners now think… whatever just think

Tania Saleh: "Ya Wled"

Tania Saleh – “Ya Wled” [Oh Children], a tribute to all Lebanese politicians. “bikaffi…” [enough…]

Lebanon is Mouseland

Just watch the clip. Funny but true about us and our elections, sooo true it’s pathetic. It fits us like it was tailor-made for the Lebanese.

"Israel’s" crimes against Lebanon continues

Israel deliberately flooded Lebanese farmlands with excess rainwater from an Israeli orchard, located off the southern town of Mais al-Jabal [South Lebanon] early Tuesday ruining crops and properties.Tuesday’s flooding is part of a systematic practice by the Israeli authorities to turn the highly-fertile land into swamps by channeling rainwater into the fields via trenches, which […]

Fourteener IQ Test

Mark with an arrow the: 1-wimps 2-liars 3-warmongers 4-corruption perpetrators 5-war criminals 6-war criminal cook 7-chameleons (oops, this is for another test) … photo credit: 14 March Conference at Biel 2009

Lebanon: Dichotomies R Us

Dichotomy: a division into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups or entities, “the dichotomy between theory and practice”… For example, Tajaddod Youth quotes Nassib Lahoud as saying: “I am a Maronite when I’m not doing politics”, and the writer believes that this is “certainly one of my [his] favourites from a politician. [He believes] […]