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Beyond Brainwash

“The Lebanese forces burned my handicapped father, but it’s Hasan Nasrallah who threatens me” Advertisements

"Geagea wanted us to fight the Shia" says Jumblat in this Video [updated]

Despite the poor quality of this video (taken by cell phone), Walid Jumblat can be heard accusing the Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and “some of the Sunnis” of wishing for a Druze-Shia conflict. He can also be heard saying “we saw the Sunni in Beirut, they brought 1000 fighters from Akkar and did not […]

Lebanon: Dichotomies R Us

Dichotomy: a division into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups or entities, “the dichotomy between theory and practice”… For example, Tajaddod Youth quotes Nassib Lahoud as saying: “I am a Maronite when I’m not doing politics”, and the writer believes that this is “certainly one of my [his] favourites from a politician. [He believes] […]

Dear Mustapha

Ali is not a fictional character.Ali is a Lebanese lawyer and political analyst and I have quoted him before.Ali does not represent Shiism.Actually, Ali is a secularist.Ali was neither talking about Shia versus Sunni nor is he against Omar.Ali was not talking about Hezbollah. Ali was talking about resistance (mouqawama) to the injustices of occupation […]

Sounds of Sects

“I don’t want our child to speak Shia!” You know, during the (un)civil war, people got killed because they had the ‘wrong’ pronunciation of tomato at the ‘wrong’ road block! So do you say “bandora” or “banadoora”?Do you say “ah-nay” (meaning I) or “ah-nah” (meaning I)? If you say “ah-nay” (for I) then you are […]

US Senate votes to divide Iraq

The plan that was voted for by the senate proposes to separate Iraq into Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni entities, with a federal government in Baghdad in charge of border security and oil revenues. The conspiracy theorists we ridiculed years ago were right after all. Their theories see the light day after day. What was predicted […]

What’s With Walid Jumblat

Jij wrote this interesting analysis “On Walid Jumblat“: Jumblat has bluntly asked for American political and military assistance in ridding Lebanon of what he calls “indirect Syrian occupation” (i.e. Hezbollah, the biggest and most popular party in Lebanon). He also urged the American government to move on with “regime change” in Syria. Even by the […]