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Rules for political correctness and democracy in the Middle East

Rule #1: In the Middle East, it is always the Palestinians that attack first, and it’s always Israel who defends itself. The name of this is “retaliation”. Rule #2: The Palestinians are not allowed to kill Israelis. The name of this is “terrorism”. Rule #3: Israel has the right to kill Palestinian civilians; the name […]

mourning good question

Here it is, posed by EDB: Yesterday morning, 14 people were killed and a further 35 wounded in a bus bombing in downtown Tripoli. In response, Prime Minister Saniora called for “one hour” of mourning today. What happened to the three-day mourning period for every two-bit politician? And here’s the terrorist attack.

how we used theater to conquer 33 days of barbarism

“This clip is an excerpt from the film “33 Days” by Mai Masri.This edited clip follows a theater director who devotes his strength and time to the Lebanese children affected by the massive Israeli bombing that took place on Lebanon’s city’s and suburbs.”

"Mossad kills 350 Iraqi nuclear scientist"

Dar Babl published, two days ago, a synopsis of a report, which it claimed was sent to President Bush by the State Department (foreign affairs), stating that the Mossad (Israel’s Intelligence Institute) has killed 350 Iraqi nuclear scientist in addition to more than 200 university professors from different scientific specialties. It stated that this was […]

bulldozing the "moral superiority of Israel"

The bulldozer as a destructive and even lethal weapon was not invented by the Palestinians. They are merely imitating an Israeli “fashion” that is as old as the state, or at least as old as the occupation. Let us forget for a moment the 416 villages Israel wiped off the face of the earth in […]

another one on the "moral superiority of Israel"

Spy or die: Seriously ill Palestinian patients are being pressured to collaborate with Israeli intelligence by informing on militant and other activities in return for being allowed out of Gaza for medical treatment a report says today. full report at the Independent

on the "moral superiority of Israel"

“An Israeli child from a far-right settler group in the West Bank city of Hebron hurls a stone up the stairs of a Palestinian family close to their settlement and shouts: “I will exterminate you.” Another spits towards the same family. Another settler woman pushes her face up to a window and snarls: “Whore!” They […]