Whenever there is injustice, there are people fighting it with every possible means. We have seen it so many times before: the oppressed rise up, the oppressor dehumanizes them calling them such names as “terrorists”, “saboteurs”, “death loving” extremists… It is only normal that the oppressor will always lie to justify his actions and its […]

A must see clip of Norman Finkelstein responding to the use of the Holocaust as an excuse for Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinians.

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يما مويل الهوا يما مويلياضرب الخناجر ولا حكم النذل فيا ومشيت تحت الشتا والشتا روانيوالصيف لما أتى ولع من نيرانيبيضل عمري انفدى ندر للحريةيما مويل يا ليل صاح الندى يشهد على جراحيوانسل جيش العدا من كل النواحيوالليل شاف الردى عم يتعلم بيايما مويل الهوا بارودة الجبل أعلى من العاليمفتح درب الأمل والأمل برجالييا شعبنا يا […]

“Montage documenting the genocide commited by Isreal in “Operation Cast Lead”.”

“One year later, it is very important to remember what happened in Gaza. But it is more important to realize the aspirations of the Palestinian people in Gaza. They deserve our solidarity, respect and reverence. They deserve justice. It is the duty of every person to contribute to break the unprecedented siege and bringing the […]

“I produced this video to go with the soundtrack to Garth Hewitt’s song “They’ve cancelled christmas in Bethlehem (The wall must fall)…”